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Shadow Nation airing on US television for the first time!

Great news!  Shadow Nation will be airing on Friday, November 23, 2018 at 8pm eastern on FNX, First Nations Experience Network.  Click here for the FNX schedule. 

For more information on FNX, please visit their site here.

George Lynch featured in the new Roxanne video “Super Bad”

George Lynch in the new Roxanne Super Bad video

Check out George in the new Roxanne “Super Bad” video!

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George Lynch in the new Roxanne Super Bad video

ESP GUITARS Artist Spotlight: George Lynch

George Lynch Photo by Kevin Baldes.

There’s no musician in the world with a closer association to ESP Guitars than George Lynch. Beginning in the early 1980s when he stopped by the then-relatively unknown ESP headquarters in Tokyo to check out some guitars during one of Dokken’s tours of Japan, George and ESP have been intertwined in a way that’s extraordinarily rare between an artist and guitar manufacturer. His own designs for high-performance instruments that wouldn’t compromise his immense technical playing abilities have been hugely influential on the guitars that ESP has produced ever since. Ranked by many publications as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, George has remained a vibrant and boundary-pushing musician throughout his long and successful career.

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George Lynch Photo by Kevin Baldes.

MXDOWN Music’s review of Ultraphonix Original Human Music

Ultraphonix Original Human Music

Check out the review of the new Ultraphonix release “Original Human Music”. #georgelynch #panchtomaselli #coreyglover #chrismoore #ultraphonix #originalhumanmusic

Ultraphonix – Original Human Music


RIP Gregg Analla

Rest in peace, Gregg Analla.  Your spirit will live on in your work and your son Xavier.


RIP Gregg Analla

RIP Gregg Analla


Ultraphonix 2018

New photos from ULTRAPHONIX!

Ultraphonix 2018

Ultraphonix 2018

Ultraphonix 2018

Ultraphonix 2018

Ultraphonix 2018

Ultraphonix 2018


Shadow Nation film now available!

The Shadow Nation documentary is now available at the following retail online locations: 

Amazon TV On Demand Link:

“Been a crazy long journey from there to here but the day has finally arrived. The Shadow Nation doc comes out today. Heartfelt thanks and love to all the wonderful folks who helped make this a reality. In loving memory Of Gregg Analla and John Trudel.”  

-George Lynch

Upcoming George Lynch Clinic

George has an upcoming clinic at the Cosmo Music Fest on Saturday, June 2, 2018. The clinic runs from 1pm-2pm and the meet & greet starts at 11:30.

SHADOW NATION is now available on DVD!

SHADOW NATION is now available on DVD!

Shadow Nation is alive with music and passion as it follows a group of renowned rock musicians led by George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob) on a journey through Native American reservations in the southwest and the Great Plains. Forging new friendships, they learn about the many injustices done to Native Americans and how those seeds of repression have contributed to the poverty, alcoholism, and illnesses that continue to plague the reservations. The film features the thoughts and opinions of people like philosopher Noam Chomsky, activists and musicians Tom Morello and Serj Tankian, and even political lighting rod Ted Nugent. As manifest destiny unfolded a couple of centuries ago, a critical opportunity of merging two cultures was lost. Shadow Nation reveals the vacuous nature of our modern worldview, a philosophy of unrestrained materialism that’s disconnected from the natural world.
















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Lynch Mob at the 10th anniversary M3 Festival!

Don’t miss Lynch Mob at the 10th anniversary of the legendary M3 Festival on May 5, 2018!

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