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Pre-orders for the new KXM record are live!


Pre-orders begin NOW for the debut release of “KXM” the new super-group featuring George Lynch, Doug Pinnick (King’s X) and Ray Luzier (KORN) Get your KXM bundles exclusively at


Thanks to Brent Saulsbury!!!


George sends out a BIG shout out of thanks to Mr. Brent Saulsbury for helping locate his Lynch Mob-era Soldano amp!


KXM on the Red Carpet at Club Nokia for Guitar Center’s annual Drum Off


Ray Luzier (KoRn), Doug Pinnick (Kings X) and George Lynch aka “KXM” on the red carpet at Club Nokia this past Saturday during Guitar Center’s annual Drum Off ! Pre-order info for KXM is right around the corner so hang in there folks!

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Lynch Mob tour dates announced


Winter tour dates for Lynch Mob have been announced.

Check out the TOUR page for dates!


Vote for KXM as “most anticipated album of the year”


Please vote for KXM as ‘Most Anticipated Album of 2014’:

KXM is on Reverb Nation!


KXM is now on ReverbNation, become a fan and join our mailing list:

Sneak peak! New ShadowTrain music!


A little Friday night audio treat for you George Lynch fans! Here is a teaser featuring 3 song clips from his forthcoming documentary movie “Shadow Nation” due out sometime in 2014.

KXM in the studio finishing new release.


Check out George, Ray and Doug in the studio, as they finalize the new recordings of the upcoming KXM record on Rat Pak Records.  More news and info coming soon!

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Introducing Mr. Scary Pickups!


For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA January 1st, 2014 – George lynch has teamed up with Arcane Inc. to create his new signature series of Mr. Scary guitar pickups.

The First pickup is the series is the Mr. Scary Humbucker, this bone crushing humbucker comes with a Bull Skull Engraved raw nickel cover, no cover, no cover distressed or a nickel cover and is powered by a super strong Alnico 8 magnet.  Tuned to George’s ultra discriminating ears, this pickup hits the amp hard but still has beautiful highs and sweetness without being harsh.

Every pickup comes in a cloth bag with a spec card signed by George Lynch.

Wound on an antique winding machine and using tuned Alnico Magnets, built around exclusive custom pole screws, precision milled parts and select grade steel for all the components. Every pickup is hand assembled with the precision care producing a pickup that is the ultimate in quality. Each pickup is individually Serial Numbered and engraved with the Arcane Inc. and Mr. Scary logo on the base plate.

  •  Trem Spaced
  • 4 Conductor
  • DC Resistance 13.5 K

Retail Prices:

  • No Cover $144
  • No Cover Distressed $149
  • Nickel Cover $149
  • Engraved Cover $169

Available Now at:

George Lynch searching for stolen Wicked Sensation-era Soldano SLO head


Hey everyone. Happy holidays. George needs your help to recover a Soldano head that was stolen in 1993. The head missing is the gray one (not snakeskin) on the bottom in this photo. The manifest serial number is 88051. This is the amp used for the Wicked Sensation sessions and is the best sounding Soldano George has ever used in his own words. If anyone has any details on this amp, please email us at thank you!