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Recording with Shadow Nation


Gabe and George in studio working on song “Wake Up” (with Monte Smith ) for the upcoming Shadow Nation album and movie soundtrack!

George Lynch Canada & US clinic dates just announced


Clinic dates have just been announced for Canada and the eastern United States.   Montreal, Quebec,  New York, New Jersey and Maryland.   Please see the poster below for additional information!


Lynch Mob rocks Loud Park in Japan! (With video)


Lynch Mob rocked Loud Park in Japan with Jimmy D’anda-drums (Bullet boys), Kevin Baldes-bass (LIT) and Keith St. John-vocals (Montrose)










Check out Lynch Mob’s Wicked Sensation in the new REAL guitar video game @BANDFUSE

Shadowtrain on the road!


Shadow nation road warrior Mobile!


KXM Trailer is live!

Check out the latest trailer from KXM!  (Doug Pinnick, Lynch and Ray Luzier)

The Infidels jamming in studio-video


New Downset drops with Lynch on guest guitar


downset. is dropping a new single on Irish Voodoo records on Wednesday, July 31st on I-tunes and Amazon music outlets. This will also be on the upcoming limited edition 7” vinyl release on Irish Voodoo as well.

“Forgotten” is the newest track from the Los Angeles streets tackling the issues of poverty and homelessness. This track features the newest line-up of downset. including Rogelio Lozano on guitar, Chris Lee on drums and introducing Neil Roemer on vocals and J.D. Manhart on bass.

We’re also proud to announce special guest appearances by Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and George Lynch of Dokken/Lynch Mob.

Grab the new track Wednesday, July 31st on iTunes or Amazon music and watch for the vinyl release! We thank you for your support!


Big Noize in Peru-fan video

Check out some fan posted Youtube video from the Big Noize (Sebastian Bach, Vinny Appiece, Phil Soussan and George Lynch) show in Peru!

Sweetwater presents 3 day recording master class with KXM!


KXM consists of Ray Luzier, the drummer from Korn; dUg Pinnick, the singer/bassist for King’s X; and George Lynch, guitarist for Dokken and Lynch Mob. At this master class, you will learn everything from setting up a session to mic placement and much more. You’ll get instruction from one of the best in the business, with the aid of world-class rock musicians. Not only will you leave this workshop better prepared for your next recording project, but you’ll have taken part in a once-in-a-lifetime recording opportunity. Don’t miss this incredible chance to hone your recording skills while making history with a powerhouse band!

Mark Hornsby, Director of Music Production and Artist Relations at Sweetwater Studios, is an acclaimed music producer, audio engineer, musician, and writer. He’s widely considered to be one of the most diverse figures in today’s music business, working with a wide range of artists, including Travis Tritt, Godsmack, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and the London Philharmonic. In addition to working with acts from all over the world, Mark is also a certified Pro Tools Expert, accredited by Avid.

To register, call (800) 222-4700 x1801
or e-mail

Your Three-day Class Agenda:
Thursday/Friday: Tracking
Instrument placement in the studio
Cue setup
Introduction to various types/brands of microphones (dynamic, condenser, ribbon)
Mic placement
Discover George Lynch’s and dUg Pinnick’s famous guitar tones while auditioning different guitar rigs/signal chains
Learn how Ray Luzier gets his slamming rock drum sounds
Audition different vocal microphones and processing chains (condensers, dynamics, compression, EQ)
Demonstrate recording multiple vocal takes, comps, etc.
Demonstrate different vocal/track editing techniques available in Pro Tools
Saturday: Mixing
Overview of different types of processing and when/where to use them (EQ, compression, reverb, delay, etc.)
Dialing in drum, bass, guitar, and vocal sounds
Bus compression/processing
Making the final tweaks (what to listen for, creative effects, etc.)
This three-day workshop costs $2,495.
Classes are from 10AM–7PM, with a one-hour lunch break.
(Lunches are included.)