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George Lynch KNAC interview

Talk about an interesting interview. This conversation took place as George and his LYNCH MOB bandmates were driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania en route to Pittsburgh for their show at the Altar Bar on June 26.. Despite bad weather, a few wrong turns and numerous lost connections, George was exceptionally thoughtful and candid on a variety of topics – including LYNCH MOB’s latest Frontiers Records release, Rebel. – See more at:

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Headlines & Global News Lynch Mob feature

George Lynch is one of the most prominent guitarist to emerge from the 1980s heavy metal scene as the original lead guitarist for Dokken. But the majority of his career has come since he split from the band in 1989 and formed Lynch Mob, a group that has crafted a brand of metal that has remained relevant throughout the various trends that have come and gone in the world of hard rock.

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Brave Worlds interview with George Lynch

Lynch Mob’s always busy and hard working guitar legend George Lynch recently was spotlighted and featured by WVOX Metal Mayhem host Matt O’Shaughnessy in a prime time interview where the uber-gifted wordsmith and axe player spoke about Rebel, Lynch Mob’s long awaited follow-up to Sun Red Sun.

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Glide Magazine Lynch Mob feature

George Lynch may only be days away from releasing his new record with Lynch Mob but he is already at work, in fact almost finished with, his next project. When he called in to talk about Rebel a few weeks ago, he was actually pulling up to the studio in LA about to record the last of his guitar tracks for that. “I’m already onto the next two things,” Lynch said. “It’s like my head is all into this project at the moment with the Infidels. We did Rebel a while ago, you know, and Shadow Train [his solo record released in July], that was finished a year ago.” There was also his album with Stryper’s Michael Sweet, Only To Rise, released in January, and ongoing talks with former Dokken bandmate Jeff Pilson about doing another record with him. “George and I are always talking,” Pilson told me earlier this year.

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Vote for Lynch Mob’s “Testify” for Sirius XM!

Get Lynch Mob’s first single off of “Rebel” played on Sirius XM!   Please vote on their Facebook page, on the left side!   Lets tear it up!!!

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Lynch Mob-Testify video is here!

Check out the first video from the release “Rebel” on Frontiers Records here!

ShadowTrain now available on iTunes

The new release from ShadowTrain is now available on iTunes.

Lynch Mob-Rebel available for pre-order from iTunes

Pre-order the new Lynch Mob album “Rebel” from Frontiers Records here:

Lynch Mob’s “Testify” video will be launching August 11

The video for the first single off of “Rebel” will be hitting the air on August 11.

For more information on the new Lynch Mob album, please head over to Frontiers Records.


SHADOWTRAIN liner notes

Greetings everyone.  Along with the new ShadowTrain release available here, George wanted to share the liner notes from the CD booklet for all to read.