Leonard Peltier – One Man´s Freedom Means Freedom for us All

Leonard Peltier is an Amnesty International registered prisoner of consciousness and Lakota / Anishinabe Native American held by the US government in custody for 37 years on falsified evidence. Leonard has consistently spoken out in defense of his people´s liberty and their denial of basic human rights.

Leonard did the one thing that any of us might have done in the circumstances.He defended his family and led his people to safety at a time when the FBI were making war “Reign of Terror” in the mid-70´s on the native American population. Over 400 people were killed or assaulted and many imprisoned. Leonard was accused of shooting two FBI agents2. Ballistics evidence proves beyond doubt that Leonard is an innocent victim. Two other men were declared innocent in court but Leonard was not then present – the FBI needed a scapegoat as the case remains unsolved.

We want Freedom loving people, tribal elders and native peoples worldwide to send a message now to President Obama – It is time to Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier, to give freedom to this man that he may spend his remaining days with his family and loved ones.

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